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Thread: Phd for teaching? Looking for advice

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    Question Phd for teaching? Looking for advice

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    Hey guys, I'm currently a sophomore (UG) at Carnegie Mellon, and I'm interested in becoming a teaching prof. My goal is to teach econ at a liberal arts school, and do less research. Would appreciate any future applications/current schooling advice given.

    Major: Econ/Math
    GPA: 3.6/4 , math is ~3.4, econ is ~3.8
    No GRE or rec letters yet
    Math classes: Calc3, diffeq, intro proofs class (Bs), Matrices (A), Probability (this sem) (no +/-)
    Econ classes: Micro/Macro (A/probably A)

    I'm taking real next semester, so that's definitely important. After that, I'm planning to take some algebra/discrete into some pure math courses (topology, graph theory, etc.. ?). Also looking at a grad measure theory course and econ courses (not sure if allowed). The econ stuff will probably be a typical bunch of econ major stuff (econometrics, electives, etc..) Also in the running to get some TA/RA duties soon, and working with some other undergrads on a nowcasting project, etc..

    I've not been able to get much substantial advice from my advisor(s) about how to go about my goals; I understand that I'm seeking a long and difficult path for relatively little gain, and my credentials are pretty subpar in addition. I have the following questions for you guys:

    1) Is there such a thing as entering grad school with the intent to teach afterwards? Are there schools that offer these kinds of opportunities?

    2) My school doesn't offer many (any?) opportunities in economics research to underclassmen. Does anyone have experience/advice in working for a think tank or similar summer research positions?

    3) I would also appreciate any other advice. I don't have any mentor figures who have been in my shoes or anything similar.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Re: Phd for teaching? Looking for advice

    These positions exist. It's just that no one wants to advise a student who isn't passionate about research. On top of that, getting through a research degree is not going to be easy if you aren't committed to it. There are long days and nights as you learn how to do research by trying and failing. I'd consider if a role in training or HR or even high school teaching might be more suitable. If you are good, you can teach at a good private high school and have great students. They aren't that different to 18 year old college students.

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