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Thread: Economics PhD Admissions with a "soft" major

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    Economics PhD Admissions with a "soft" major

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    I am currently studying philosophy as an undergraduate at a T10 department (for economics). However, I have taken the following courses:

    (MATH): Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Honors Analysis, ODE, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Topology
    (ECON): Micro/Macro theory, Introduction to Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics

    Is this a strong enough profile for PhD admissions? Also, a main concern of mine is that I don't have any research experience and, given my "soft" major, I won't be able to get any RAships. Thank you!

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    Re: Economics PhD Admissions with a "soft" major

    Basically yes, it is strong enough.
    It would be better if you had at least an intermediate micro course as well. If you picked up some reasonable software skills in econometrics, you may well be able to find an RA-ship.

    Letters of recommendation may be a problem because of the lack of research experience.

    But the big question is: How do you know that you want an economics PhD?

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    Re: Economics PhD Admissions with a "soft" major

    Agree with everything above.
    Make sure you understand what an economics PhD is and what your career options are.
    Make sure you have at least one, but ideally two or three, letters from regular economics faculty. i.e. not graduate student instructors; not adjuncts or visitors.

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