Hi, i am an undergraduate preparing for the econ PHD application. Below is my problem, wish you can help me.
I got bad scores(but i past) in two courses: elementary probability theory, and a liberal arts course. I talked with both professors, who proposed to change my grades to "fail" so that i can retake these courses if I want.
I am confident to earn a better score if retaking, and by doing this my cumulative GPA is expected rise from 3.6/4 to approximately 3.7/4 (top10%, and the entry of high graduation honors).
However, I don't know how graduate colleges will think of these two fails, and how important some increments in cumulative GPA are (my econ-major and math-major GPA is 3.9/4 and 3.8/4)
Thus, is this worthy to retake with two "fail"s?