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Thread: ECON MA Profile Evaluation (honesty appreciated)

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    ECON MA Profile Evaluation (honesty appreciated)

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    Hi all,

    Hoping to get some opinions on the strength of my profile. For reference, I'm aiming for a Canadian Masters. Not too interested in a PhD at the moment, but could change my mind afterwards.

    As you'll be able to see, I had a very bad first couple of years.


    Type of undergrad BA Economics from a top Canadian University. Strong economics program here.
    cGPA: We don't use a GPA system at my uni but I believe it's around a 3.6/4.0
    Math courses: Linear Algebra (A), Calc III (A)
    Stats/Econometrics: Intro to Stats (A), Intro to Stats II (A), Econometrics (A+)
    Econ courses: Intermediate Micro I-II (A-, A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Game Theory (A+), Research Paper course (A+), Development Econ (A+), Public Econ (A-)
    Less relevant econ electives: a mix of A and A+, with one B in Monetary Policy
    Concerns: all the courses above were from my last two years. My main concern is my first two years. Most of my core econ courses and electives back then were a mix of As/A+/B+, EXCEPT in these courses; Calc I (B-), Calc II (F, retaken then got a B), Intro to Game Theory (D).
    Recommendation letters: I have 3, all econ professors who know me fairly well so I believe they will be decently strong.
    Interests: Econometrics

    So, as you can see I've tried to remedy my (very) poor performance in my first two years with getting good grades in harder courses later on, but not too sure how much that will help. I'm really quite happy to get into any decent Masters in Canada, so any advice on what my chances would be is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    Re: ECON MA Profile Evaluation (honesty appreciated)

    All master programmes have an admission statistics page for you to check out.. Also master admissions have a lot of noise in the process, unless its LSE which they are very strict with their gpa requirements.

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    Re: ECON MA Profile Evaluation (honesty appreciated)

    Bachelor of Applied Economics (Honours) Queen'sGPA: 3.78/4.3 Econ GPA: 3.9/4.3
    Graduated with Degree with Distinction (top 5% of class), Dean's honour list 4 years

    Letters of Recommendation: 3 highly respected professors at Queen's-none from core courses however

    Research Experience: Undergraduate final year seminar research paper- A-
    Teaching Experience: N/a
    Field of interest: Behavioural Economics, Microeconomics


    1. Behavioural Neuroeconomics- A+
    2. Applied Econometrics-A
    3. Introductory Econometrics-A-
    4. Statistics-A-
    5. International Trade Theory and Policy- A
    6. Micro Theory 2- A
    7. Macro Theory 1- A-
    8. Micro Theory 1- B+
    9. Mathematical Economics-A-
    10. Economic Development- A
    11. Environmental Economics and Assessment- A
    12. Macroeconomic Policy- A+
    13. Calculus-B+

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