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Thread: PhD Economics Profile Evaluation - Undergraduate Senior Applying Now

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    Question PhD Economics Profile Evaluation - Undergraduate Senior Applying Now

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    Type of Undergrad:
    US Institution (around 50th in the country)
    4.0/4.0 up to this point
    Graduating: May 2020

    Math Courses
    • 3 semester of calculus (including multivariable)
    • Linear Algebra
    • Differential Equations (taking now)
    • Real Analysis (taking now)

    Statistics Courses

    • Statistics for Applied Scientists
    • Mathematical Statistics (taking now)
    • Mathematical Statistics II (taking next spring)

    Econ Courses
    • Intro Micro
    • Intro Macro
    • Intermediate Micro
    • Intermediate Macro
    • Money and Banking
    • International Trade
    • Labor
    • Behavioral
    • Econometrics
    • Strategic Behavior (Game Theory) (taking now)
    • Departmental Distinction Thesis (taking now)
    • International Macroeconomic Theory (taking next spring)

    Programming/software knowledge
    • C++, Java, Matlab, STATA

    Research Experience:
    • I have been a research assistant for several academic institutions (both on campus, abroad, and in Washington DC) including at the Federal Reserve Bank. However, many of these research assistantships were at public policy research institutions, and thus my work was not necessarily strictly on economic research, but more on the impact of certain economic policies on other issues, etc.
    • I am also in the process of finishing a Departmental Thesis on International Trade issues with one of the individuals who will be writing my recommendation letter.
    • In addition, this summer I received a university fellowship to pursue independent research abroad on labor market concerns. My mentor for this project will also be writing a recommendation letter for me.
    • I have not published a paper yet though.

    Letters of Recommendation: 3 economics professors (including 2 research mentors - one for my trade project and one for my labor project described below)

    Research Interests: International trade, labor, game theory

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    Re: PhD Economics Profile Evaluation - Undergraduate Senior Applying Now

    Are your three letter writers actively publishing currently? Also, how confident are you in the strength of these letters? Given positive answers to both of these questions, this looks like a great profile to me. (more math courses would help, but I don't think it's seriously lacking)

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