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Thread: Honors Analysis 2 - Worth It?

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    Honors Analysis 2 - Worth It?

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    The following are topics included in the course that I'm considering taking:

    "Metric spaces, differentiation of functions of several real variables, the implicit and inverse function theorems, Riemann integral on Rn, Lebesgue measure on Rn, and the Lebesgue integral."

    Is it worth taking? I already took Honors Analysis 1 and received a good grade. The course topics included are:

    "Properties of the real number system, sequences, continuous functions, topology of the real line, compactness, derivatives, the Riemann integral, sequences of functions, uniform convergence, infinite series and Fourier series."


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    Re: Honors Analysis 2 - Worth It?

    Yes. Implicit/inverse function theorems are important for PhD micro and measure theory is helpful for metrics + micro theory.

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    Re: Honors Analysis 2 - Worth It?

    Only if you're reasonably confident in getting an A- or above

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