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Thread: Which ECON PHD PROGRAM should I apply?

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    Which ECON PHD PROGRAM should I apply?

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    As title.Which tier should I apply? My background: My undergrad(U.S top 50 national university)gpa is 3.2. My grad(U.S top 10 master Econ program) gpa is 3.3. Math background: calculus 1(A-)2(A),3(A), one semester real analysis(B+)(Rudin principle of mathematical analysis), introduction of differential equation(A). linear Algebra(B-), introduction of probability theory(B+). Undergrad Game theory (A-) Master courses :Econometrics I(B) Econometrics II(B+) Econometrics III(B) Micro I(B+) Micro II(B). Macro I (B). My GRE is V 155 Q 167 AW3.5. No research experience. Not strong recommendation letter. I have a econ term paper (25 pages long). I also have several econ group project when I was undergrad.
    My target school:Temple, NCSU, Clemson, UC Riverside, SMU, U of Houston. I donít worry about funding because my family can support me. Is there any possibility that I can get in top60-top 100 econ program? Which Econ PhD program is easy to get in? Thanks.

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    Re: Which ECON PHD PROGRAM should I apply?

    Firstly, I do not want to make any assumptions but it seems like you are not very interested in Econ coursework. Especially given your B's in masters work (which is equivalent to C's as in undergrad measure). My question then is, why not leave all this together while you are on the zenith? Just graduated from a top 10 masters. Sure 3.3 gpa is not great BUT the top 10 prestige will carry you to a very good private sector career. If you are keen to do a PhD in Economics then talk to your letter writers (which they will bluntly tell you which schools they feel comfortable to write a LOR for). Unless your research potential is absolutely insane, yes its safe that you can expect a top60-100 program. I hope you find your path..and I write this in the most sincerest way possible.

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    Re: Which ECON PHD PROGRAM should I apply?

    Yes, I think you could get into a top 100 program. But you want to apply to programs that are a good match for your research interests, which you didn't mention.

    Why do you say you don't have strong rec letters?

    Ideally your rec letters are from professors in your masters program who know you well. They are also best positioned to help guide your search for a doctoral program.

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