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Thread: CV/Resume Format & Amount of Detail?

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    CV/Resume Format & Amount of Detail?

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    I have both a CV and a resume. The resume is your typical resume with different sections for education, employment, extracurriculars, etc. but specifically includes 1-2 bullet points describing the activity.

    The CV, on the other hand, I followed the format that a lot of professors & graduate students use so it's more sleek. It contains similar sections (education, employment, conferences, etc.) but no bullet point, just the name of the institution, job title, and dates worked.

    Which one is appropriate to submit for PhD applications? Should I submit the resume if the application itself doesn't have sections about employment and conferences? Or does the CV look more professional and the admissions committee doesn't need that much more information?

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    Re: CV/Resume Format & Amount of Detail?

    A resume is a short version of a CV, you seem to have it mixed up.

    You should send the brief version (which should be the resume). However, neither your CV nor resume matters much either way.

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