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Thread: Profile Evaluation and Advice (next cycle)

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    Profile Evaluation and Advice (next cycle)

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    Type of Undergrad: BS in Math, BA in Economics from T50 state school (colorado)
    GPA: 3.99
    GRE: 170Q/164V/6AW
    Math Courses: Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis (2 semesters), Topology, Differential Equations, Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Abstract Algebra, Advanced Linear Algebra (all As)
    UG Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Econometrics, Forecasting, International Trade, Game Theory, Industrial Organization (all As)
    Grad Econ Courses: Math for Econ (A-), Micro I (A), Econometrics I (A), Macro I (A)
    Letters of Recommendation: 1) Micro 1 teacher and research thesis advisor, 2) professor I research under, I did well in his advanced class, 3) tbd, but a teacher I have taken a more advanced class from
    Research Experience: Will have had 2.5 years of RAing under two professors + undergraduate thesis when all is done.

    Would appreciate advice on where you think I ought to aim my apps.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation and Advice (next cycle)

    1) The A- won' matter
    2) Unless she's going to say you're one of the most talented students she's seen or unless she's supervised your research, you are probably better off with an economist.

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