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Thread: Profile Evaluation (Updated 2020)

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    Question Profile Evaluation (Updated 2020)

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    I posted last year and I have some updated information re: classes and work experience. Seeking updated thoughts on what schools might accept a profile like mine. Also what sort of evidence you have for this.

    Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics with Honors (Top 5 Econ research University)
    Undergrad GPA: 3.29 overall, 3.55 Econ
    Type of Grad:N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: N/A
    Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus (P - took on pass/fail for fear of bad grade), Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (C), Stats (C), Stats retake under different course name (A-)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Macro (C+), Micro(B+), Metrics (A-), Independent Research Seminar (A), Honors Thesis (A), Case Studies in Economic Development (A-), Poverty and Impact Evaluation (A-), Intro Econ (A)
    Other Courses: Computing with Data (Basically an R class)
    Taken After Undergrad:
    Real Analysis & Linear Algebra I (A-), Real Analysis, Convexity, and Optimization (A-)

    Letters of Recommendation: Thesis advisor (very prominent development economist), current job (another very prominent development economist) , 3rd letter probably one of the co-authors I work closely with, up and coming well-known AP's.
    Research Experience: Currently a full time RA at a top econ department with a top tenured faculty member. Doing a two year term (1.5 years will be completed when I submit apps). Previously full time RA for 1 year at a top policy department (working on economics research for an economist professor); Two independent development papers written, one published in an undergraduate journal and other was a thesis with potential to get published in a minor journal; undergrad RA position with a prominent economist 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a PhD candidate in econ department 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a top Poli Sci professor 1 semester.
    Teaching Experience: N/A
    Research Interests: Development, Poverty, Inequality

    Concerns: Obviously my math grades.
    Other: Interned at a prestigious development organization on less analytical things, completed many more niche Global Poverty and Inequality courses and did very well.
    Coding skills: Stata, R, LaTex, ArcGIS, QGIS

    Applying to: Some top 10, mostly top 20

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    Re: Profile Evaluation (Updated 2020)

    If you were to ask my humble opinion, I would have said go for top 20. You're on the right track of applying, but maybe add one or maximum 2 schools which are in top 30 for the sake of certainty. Your LOR components are looking extremely strong but also you have a very solid research experience. After all PhD is a research degree rather than taking exams and passing them. Yes your maths grades are not giving positive signals for your graduate success and that is why I think you will miss the top 10 schools but I think you have a decent shot at top 20. Fingers will be crossed for you!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation (Updated 2020)

    Thank you for your thoughts!

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