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Thread: Profile Evaluation

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    Profile Evaluation

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    International Student.

    Undergrad- Computer Science and Engineering(4 year degree)
    Undergrad GPA- 9.422/10( Proportionally, this is equivalent to 3.768/4. But according to WES, my grades are equal to 4.0)
    Math Courses in UG- Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, real analysis(at the level of Stephen Abbott), complex analysis, ODE and PDE, transforms, probability theory, queuing theory, statistical techniques(testing, regression, etc.), Numerical Analysis, discrete math(group theory, logic, and combinatorics)
    ECON courses in UG- Intro to Micro.
    Scored a perfect 10/10(with distinction) in every math course.
    Postgrad- Econ with concentration on statistics
    Postgrad GPA- 88.21%(equivalent to 3.52)
    Relevant courses in PG-Micro theory, math for econ, econometrics(I, II, III), Operations research and efficiency analysis, research methodology. Master's thesis on a mechanism design topic.
    Scored a 10/10 on math and micro theory courses.
    Targeting to publish something by 2020 in some respected theory journal.
    GRE Quant- 166
    Recommendation Letters- 1 from micro faculty, 1 from thesis guide, 1 from UG math faculty.
    TOEFL - Yet to give.

    Target Universities- SUNY(Buffalo, Stony Brook, Albany), Virginia Tech, SMU Dedman, Washington State University, Louisiana State, NC State, ASU, Univ. of Arizona, Boston College, Singapore Mgmt. Univ., Purdue, Rutgers, Univ. of Southern California, Univ. of Miami.

    Am I aiming too high? Would appreciate some advice regarding my target places.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    First of all, are you applying for fall 2020 or later? I think it might be quite late if you are applying for fall 2020.
    If you are applying for 2021, I'd like to say you are aiming too low cause I think your GPA and math background are solid.
    How high you could reach largely depends on your LORs; probably how prestigious your Master/Undergraduate program is also contributes. But even if your LORs are not stellar (while they should still be good since you already have something that might be published soon), your target programs are still too low IMO. There are too many safety options. I would not apply to that many prorgrams below ASU, UA level. Instead, I would add more programs around BC (20-40 ranking programs, with 1-3 top 20, depending on how many applications you would like to submit).
    You should also ask your advisors/recommenders, I'd be surprised if they do not say you are aiming too low.
    BTW, you'd better get a higher GRE quant.

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