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Thread: UW-Madison Agricultural and Applied Economics comparison

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    UW-Madison Agricultural and Applied Economics comparison

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    Hello everyone,

    I have an offer from UW-Madison for the AAE PhD program (environmental/climate change economics track), but I'm struggling to get a feel for how it compares both to other agricultural/applied programs, and to other pure econ programs as well.

    I remember reading a comment somewhere that any US top 50 econ program would be better than AAE at Madison, which surprised me a little as the core courses are taught by the economics department which is a top 15 department, and then all of the faculty in the AAE department are specialised in their respective fields (agri/environmental/development), so I don't really understand why that would be the case. If I was interested in environmental economics then would I really be better off going to a top 50 school on a straight econ program?

    I understand that it's not a PhD from an economics department so you'd be less likely to achieve an academic placement in an economics department that doesn't have a particular focus on environmental economics, but given that could someone please help me to gauge how reputable the program is overall? As an example, how would you say that it would compare with a PhD in Environmental Economics from the LSE (the geography department program, not the Economics PhD)?

    Thank you in advance for any insight that may put my mind at rest one way or another!

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    Re: UW-Madison Agricultural and Applied Economics comparison


    I also got accepted to Madison AAE and would like to know more about the program. It seems like not much people are commenting on this program. Hard to make decisions.

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