Hi, I was wondering if anyone was familiar with these two programmes at the LSE?

I had two main questions (I'm an undergraduate hoping to apply to these programmes later this year):

1) Is the difference between the MSc Econ and MSc EME very significant in terms of technical material. For example, you can choose the same optional module in both courses but the core micro, macro and econometrics courses are different. I've heard EC484 Econometric Analysis is particularly challenging, but are any of the other courses (micro or macro) that different from the MSc Econ ones?

2) LSE's current policy is that students who get a Distinction in either the MSc Econ or MSc EME are permitted to continue directly to the PhD. Is anyone aware of the situation with regards to funding for this? Does a separate funding application need to be made? And is the continuation to the PhD with guaranteed funding or not? If not, does rank compared to your cohort in the MSc influence your chance of securing funding?

Many thanks in advance!