Hello everyone,

I’ve been admitted at European University Institute’s PhD with full funding. Nevertheless, I’m worried about the lack of Environmental Economics research among the faculty. I have the alternative option of the doctoral track M2 at Toulouse School of Economics. Nevertheless, at TSE there is no guarantee of progressing to the PhD after the M2 and, given that I already hold a master’s degree, the prospect of ending up with another master and start PhD applications all over again is not flattering. Apparently, TSE accepts around 25 students for the M2 and 15 make it to the PhD. Moreover, I wonder if the current COVID-19 crisis may affect universities’ funding and cohort sizes next year. I also have an admission to the PPE master at Paris School of Economics, which comes with the same caveats as TSE, after 2 years there is guarantee of progressing to the PhD.

I’ve entertained the idea of going to EUI and look for a second supervisor elsewhere, EUI students can visit other institution during their second or third year as part of the program. The school holds some exchange agreements with some universities and seems open to the possibility of arrangements with other departments by students proposal (Exchange Programmes • European University Institute). Nevertheless, I wonder if it is a stretch from my part to have this as my plan A.

Any thoughts on whether EUI might be a good option after all or if the risk of going to TSE/PSE is still negligible compared to the better fit with its department?

I particularly wonder how common it is or if it makes sense for a professor to invest the time and effort of supervising a student outside of his/her uni.

Any thoughts/advise welcome!

Best regards.

PD: TSE comes with some funding (but not a full stipend) and PSE has no funding. I may get some external scholarship, tho.