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Thread: Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021

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    Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021

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    I appreciate your input for my first post on urch.

    Type of Undergrad:
    T40 Public University, BA Econ. and Math minor
    Undergrad GPA: 3.8

    Type of Grad:
    Grad GPA:
    GRE: 168/160/5.5 (Q/V/AW)

    Math Courses: Calc I / II / III, Linear Algebra (comp.), ODE, Intro to Proofs, Stats I & II, Linear Algebra I (A-
    ), Real Analysis I, Linear Algebra II (IP), Topology (IP), Real analysis II (eventually). (A in the rest)
    UG Econ Courses: Micro I / II / III, Macro I / II, Labor, Econometrics (2 courses), Research seminars. (except B in intro micro, Others A
    ll A/A+)
    Comment: I also retook Intro to Macro. It was a rocky transition during my first two terms in college. (Good redemption story?)
    Other: Python (A), too many accounting classes.

    Interests: labor, development economics

    Letters of Recommendation: (both econ professor are from top 15 and knows me well)
    1. Econ professor I took 1 undergrad class & senior thesis advisor.
    2. Econ professor who were my other advisor.
    3. Math professor who knows me well.

    Research Experience: Senior thesis, and some small seminars
    Teaching Experience: A lot of tutoring experience.

    Concerns: Not all three of my letters are from econ professors, lacking some research experience, not great results during my freshman year.

    Questions: Should I even apply this Fall or next year? Where should I aim?

    Thank you for reading all the way through!
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