Type of Undergrad: T50 US News

Undergrad GPA: 3.8 (BS Econ, Math/Quantitative Computing Minors)

Type of Grad:
Grad GPA:
GRE: 165/161/3.5 (Q/V/AW)

Math Courses: Calc I, II, Multivariate, Real Analysis I, Linear Algebra I, Transitions(intro proofs class), Probability(3.5)

Comment: All 4.0 unless stated. Taking Real Analysis II and Abstract Algebra this fall
Econ Courses: Intro-Advanced Micro (includes game theory)[3.5 in intermediate], Intro-Intermediate Macro[3.5 in intro], Labor, Education, International Policy, Urban, Econometrics
Comment: All 4.0 unless stated
Other: Internships at fortune 50 companies

Interests: Labor and Education

Letters of Recommendation:
1. Metrics prof, knows me well and has advised on research
2. Econ scholar advisor, lukewarm letter
3. Research advisor, knows me well, strong letter from assistant prof
4. (Expected) Thesis advisor, top ranking metrics prof

Research Experience: Senior thesis on machine learning applications, independent (published) teacher union research
Teaching Experience: Independent tutoring, TA for introductory econ courses

Concerns: Poor GRE (retaking - didn't prepare much first time), I have less math than I'd hope, Not a great undergrad school ranking

Questions: Where should I be applying assuming I get a 167 or higher on the GRE? If I stay at 165? Should I consider looking for RA work instead of applying to Phd?

Thank you!