Hi all!
I know this might sound as a strange question, but I find myself in a peculiar situation and I am in need for good advices.
I am an undergraduate in Bocconi and I got accepted in the msc economics programme at lse.
I know that lse is overall considered as a better and most recognised institution, but as I have house, family and friends in milan, and I don't mind a two years programme, I also have economic and human reasons to stay in milan and go on to the bocconi's master. I wanted to ask how wide the difference is according to your experience and opinion, and whether you feel like it is worth it to go for lse, even considering the possible consequences of covid on the experience.
I still have not decided whether I will go on with a phd (in that case I would like to do it in the US) or enter in the job market.
Thank you very much for your help, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!