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Thread: Choose A Master From Stat/Math/Econ Before PhD

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    Choose A Master From Stat/Math/Econ Before PhD

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    Hi everyone! I am new here and impressed at the enthusiastic atmosphere. I have some uncertainties, and I will really appreciate your advice!

    So I am planning to apply for a PhD in Econ (or business school) this year(2021fall) or the next year(2022spring). I am an international applicant so my undergrad was at an international school in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (hope this implies good programming abilities). Then I enrolled at an Ivy league, same department, and graduated this summer. (By the time I realized I want to pursue the Econ PhD, it was too late and passed the application ddl, so I enrolled in the engineering master program.) My professor suggested me to take another master program before PhD application in related fields. So I took his advice, and got three admission offers.

    -Cornell: Master of Professional Studies in Applied Statistics
    One year program, flexible courses selections (many phd Econ courses could be taken), famous faculty, excellent LoRs. But limited research experience, no thesis needed, since it aims to help students find jobs.

    -Rice: Professional Master's of Computational and Applied Mathematics program
    One and half year program, ten phd level math courses. But up to three Econ courses can be taken. Also aims to jobs hunting, so no thesis needed, no research experience.

    -UT Austin: Master of Economics
    One year program. Some great placements to Econ phd and top B-school. Yet it feels like MA in Econ is not a good option from some old threads.

    Honestly speaking, I do not know whether math or stat is more wanted, nor which program could better prepare myself for the application. Thank you all! Please stay safe and sound!

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    Re: Choose A Master From Stat/Math/Econ Before PhD

    If you want prep for an Econ PhD, get an Econ masters. Do take a look at their placements though.

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