Hi, I am looking for suggestions to apply for a PhD Program in the US.

Profile - I have completed my bachelor's in Economics from a top state college in India and my master's in Economics from a Tier 2 private research university in India. I am currently working as a Research Assistant in a project. I have done several term papers and other research projects and I have some professors who would vouch for my research skills (although they might not be very well known internationally). I have also been a Teaching Assistant for the two graduate Macro courses and one undergrad Micro course during my masters.

Undergrad GPA - 6.1/10 (Second Class)
Masters GPA - 9.52/10 (Highest in Class)
Gre - 323 (167 - Quant, 156 - Verbal)
Master's Courses - Graduate level two-course sequences in Micro (A- in first course, B in second), Macro (A in both courses) and Econometrics (A in both courses). Electives in Labor Econ, Development Econ, Political Econ, Time Series, Trade, International Finance (All A's except Trade in which I got a B).
My research interest spans Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics.

Problems -
1. The only maths courses I have taken are the mathematical methods courses which have covered everything from analysis to optimization and multivariate calculus briefly but I know that they are not worth much to PhD admission committees.
I am taking online courses while working in Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Probability and Statistics but I don't know how much that would it help my prospects.
2. My undergrad GPA is very low (might be equivalent to a low-B or a C). I guess the high master's GPA would compensate for that to some extent but since it is from a lower ranked uni, I don't know how much good it will do exactly.

I am looking for suggestions to improve my profile and the kind of universities I should target. I am also considering doing another Master's in Europe to compensate for the low undergrad GPA, do some math courses and get better LORs. Any suggestions regarding European master's programs will also be helpful. I will be applying this year for admissions in Fall'21.