I'm trying to take UMD's PhD-level microeconomics as a think tank RA this fall. Last time I asked they told me my math background was insufficient (due to poor grades, I'm assuming) so I retook a bunch of classes. My old/new grades are below:

My old grades from a top 30 undergrad w/ quarter system: Calc I-IV (A-. B+, B-, B), Linear Algebra (D, retook for C+), Advanced Linear Algebra (C-), Real Analysis I-II (B+, A), Intro to Probability Theory (B-), Intro to Math Stats I-II (C+, Pass)

My new grades: Calc IV (A), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to Probability Theory (A). Retook Calc IV and Linear Algebra at my local community college; retook Intro to Probability Theory at UC Berkeley.

Is there anything I'm missing here in terms of the math background needed to do PhD-level microeconomics? Is my B+ in Real Analysis I going to be a big deal here if I got an A in Real Analysis II? I realize the instructors still might decline to let me in on the basis of older grades, but I want to make sure I've done as much as possible to help my case.