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Thread: 2021 Fall Econ/Fin PhD Profile Evaluation

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    2021 Fall Econ/Fin PhD Profile Evaluation

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    Hey guys. I am going to apply for Econ/Finance PhD for 2021 Fall PhD program. Just wondering if you guys can give me any advice on that please? Many Thanks!

    So here is my profie:

    Undergrad: 3% ranking in top 3 Chinese University.
    Grad course: got full A in PhD level micro, macro, metric series and mathematical economics in a top20 US university.
    GRE: V161 Q170 W3.5
    TOEFL: 111, S26, L30, R30, W25
    Research: I have an NBER paper on monetary policy. The paper is coauthered with a professor from a top 10 econ department. I am also working on a new paper which I intend to use as my writing sample. I have been RA for another professor in top 10 department for 6 months.
    RL: I can ensure two strong letters, one from my coauthor in top 10 US econ department, the other from my undergrad supervisor. I am still seeking for my third letter.

    Is there any possibility for me to be accepted by a top 10 Business school or Econ department in the US? And would COVID-19 make the application for 2021 fall PhD extremely hard?

    Many thanks to your advice!
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    Re: 2021 Fall Econ/Fin PhD Profile Evaluation

    If you have a co-authored paper with a professor at a top 10 econ department you are a reasonable candidate anywhere. But ask your coauthor.

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    Re: 2021 Fall Econ/Fin PhD Profile Evaluation

    Admissions committees are using imperfect information to try to select students that will be excellent economic researchers. What admissions directors at T20 programs have mentioned is that this most clearly comes from your (mathematics and graduate econ) coursework and from letters from PhD economists who are proven researchers who have worked directly with you on research and/or have taught you in an advanced class.

    I see no reason why the letter from a well-known T10 professor who publishes in top journals (and that you've RA'ed for and coauthored with) would be weighted any less than a junior faculty from a lesser institution without the same publication record. And I'm sure that senior faculty member can give you better advice than everyone on here who has not completed (or entered) graduate school or does not have a faculty position.
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