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Thread: Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

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    Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

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    Hi Im curently an undergraduate student and will be applying for econ PhD program of 2021 fall. Here's my profile and any evaluations will be appreciated!

    Type of Undergrad: top university in Asia but probably unknown in the US
    Undergrad GPA: 3.82/4.0
    exchanged at a top 5 US econ department and got all A+ (4.0/4.0)
    Type of Grad: NA
    Grad GPA: NA
    GRE: Q 170 V 163 AW 5.0
    Math Courses: Calculus(A+), Real analysis I(A), Linear Algebra(A), Complex Analysis(A+), Stochastic Process (A+), Applied Statistics (A+), Probability Theory (A-)
    Econ Courses: Intro to Econ(A), Intermediate Micro/Macro(both A+), Econometrics(A), Mathematical Economics(A), Macroeconomic Policy(A+), Environmental Econ(A+), Public Econ(A+), Game Theory, International Trade, Economic Growth(All A)
    Other Courses: not very relevant
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 from a top 5 econ department, took class and did well, RA'd for half year, editor of a field top journal, knows me very well.
    2 from a top 5 econ department, very prestigious professor, RA'd for almost a year, but less technical.
    3 from my thesis supervisor, taught me econometrics, RA'd for 1.5 yrs, knows me very well
    I'm still looking for another backup option.
    Research Experience: Current and previous research all related to monetary economics, which is great to make a consistent background I think. Another research experience in development economics. Basically for my LOR writers.
    Teaching Experience: NA
    Research Interests: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, International Finance

    Other: I'm going to take PhD level micro or macro next semester but have not determined yet which one to take, probably macro which more relevant to my research interest. Also will take analysis II or ode/pde to enhance my math background. I do not have any publication or conference experience. I will do my thesis next semester but probably will not mention in my application. I appreciate any advice in terms of what universities I shoud aim, and any chance I get into a top 10? Thank you guys!
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    Re: Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

    Ask the faculty from the top 5 place who are writing you letters whether top 10 is appropriate. If they say yes, you are very likely to get in.

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