I'm currently an ugrad at a top 30 Econ uni (top 10 US public uni). Currently entering my 3rd year and I've been doing RA in a social science lab (non-Econ however). The work I've been doing is rather rewarding for an undergraduate. I'm creating datasets, cleaning data, generating figures in STATA/R, and doing other explanatory/descriptive data analysis in R/STATA.

My question is, how will this be looked upon in PhD admissions? The faculty I'm working under do quantitative social science work (think field of public policy, education, psychology, etc...) that relates heavily to economics and have connections to the field of economics (some have Econ PhDs others have published with Economist and in Econ Journals). I'm hoping to get LORs from some of these faculty but was ultimately wondering how strict adcom committees are (especially at t-15 schools) about getting RA work strictly under economist.

For reference I'm also majoring in Math so I have taken linear algebra, prob theory, and will be taking classes like real analysis in the future.