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Thread: Engineering BS before econ PhD

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    Engineering BS before econ PhD

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    I'm just wondering how good preparation does a BS in engineering (electrical/mechanical/computer/industrial/aerospace/materials/etc.) provide to pursue a PhD in econ? I've seen a ton of physics people pursue an econ phd and a few from engineering as well. So just wanted to get a general perspective.

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    Re: Engineering BS before econ PhD

    Just fine so long a you take some econ as well.

    There is the usual question of if you are studying engineering, how do you know you want to do an econ PhD?

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    Re: Engineering BS before econ PhD

    In some countries (and education systems), your major in college depends on how well you place in a given standardized test. So for these students changing their major is next to impossible. Hence, it is common to see foreign students having an Engineering degree and then pursuing Econ via masters/PhD. It is not necessarily because it prepares you well, it’s because they have no say in their major.

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