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Thread: Profile evaluation (Fall 2021)

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    Profile evaluation (Fall 2021)

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    Hi all -- I'm applying for Econ/Finance PhD (both at Econ departments and business schools) this cycle (Fall 2021) and I would appreciate some feedback regarding my chances for top 10 programs in the US. My profile is below.

    Type of Undergrad:
    Honors Econ and Finance at Top 3 in Canada
    Undergrad GPA:
    Type of Grad:
    Economics at Top 3 in Asia
    Grad GPA:
    Haven't taken it yet but expect at least 167Q/163V

    Math Courses:
    Cal 1 (A), Graduate Mathematical Statistics (A, top 3/30), Applied Statistics (A)

    Econ Courses Undergrad:
    Intro to Econ Theory (B), Econ Stats (B), Econometrics (B), Macro (A), Advanced Econ Theory I & II (A), Topics in Econ Theory (A)

    Econ Courses MA
    Micro I & II (A, top 5/100), Macro I & II (A, top 5/100), Econometrics I & II (A), Topics in Macro (A), Quantitative Macro (A)

    3 from post-graduate RA. All three should be strong and at least one should be very strong. Two are from very famous profs.

    Other Courses: Machine Learning (A), Data Science (A), Deep Learning (A), Corporate Finance (A), Investment Management (A), Finance Seminar (A), Finance Research Project (A), International Finance (A), Fixed Income (A),

    Research Experience:
    2 years as an RA in a top 5 pre-doctoral program.

    Matlab, Python, Julia

    Teaching Experience:
    PhD core macro, asset pricing, and data science course

    Other (Notes, concerns etc.):

    I didn't take many math courses because I decided to pursue a PhD relatively late. I also didn't do well in first-year undergrad.

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    Re: Profile evaluation (Fall 2021)

    Your profile looks very strong! Id say top 10 is fairly likely!

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    Re: Profile evaluation (Fall 2021)

    I don't think not doing well in first-year undergradmatters much, advanced course work in the latter years and your postgrad matters more and you have aced those. So your profile is actually a strong one.

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