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Thread: GRE Results for PhD in England - Retake or not?

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    GRE Results for PhD in England - Retake or not?

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    Hello Everybody

    I plan to apply for a PhD in Economics at LSE, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge. My grades are pretty good (top 5% of my class) but I am a bit worried regarding the GRE.

    I recently did the GRE but I had a bad day and didn't score as high as I wanted. To be precise I had the following score:

    Quant 165
    Verbal 154
    AWA 4.0

    I know that US Universities are very strict about the GRE and that many top Universities will filter your application out if you have a Quant GRE lower than 166 or 167. Does anyone know hows the situation at the British Universities (especially LSE, UCL and Oxbridge)?

    Do you guys think I should retake the GRE and aim for a higher quant score (maybe also Verbal and AWA)? Or are the GRE scores for a PhD in England not that important?

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Re: GRE Results for PhD in England - Retake or not?

    Definitely retake the GRE if you're applying to those places. The cost is inconsequential if it helps you not get screened at the earlier stages of the application process. The verbal and AW score are fine as is.

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