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Thread: Do I have a chance at PhD programs?

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    Do I have a chance at PhD programs?

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    Hello all. I'm a current undergraduate and I'm looking for advice on my chances at getting into a PhD program. I'm not very concerned with the prestige of the program; I really just want the degree. I'm concerned my grades aren't quite good enough so I figured I could try and find some knowledgable people on here.

    Here's my profile:
    Top 20 econ program undergrad degree in economics (in progress)
    Grades (A:4.0,B+:3.5,B:3.0,C+:2.5,C:2.0,IP:In Progress)
    Math - Calc1,2,3(A,C+,C+)DiffEq(C),Linear Algebra(IP, going well), Probability Theory (IP, going ok)
    Econ - Intermediate Micro/Macro Theory(A/B+) Intro Econ Stats (B), Intro Applied Econometrics (B), Masters Level Econometrics, 2 semesters (IP)
    Research - independent senior research project. Working closely with a faculty member and working on original research.
    LOR - One (probably) great one from my research advisor. ... a couple others that should be passable,.....
    Electives - a few econ and political econ courses that aren't important. Motly As and B+s.
    Overall GPA: 3.2

    GRE Quant: 168
    GRE Verbal: 163 (I've heard this doesn't matter)

    I plan to complete a course in Stochastic Analysis and Real Analysis before applying to programs. My theory is if I do well in future math and masters level econometrics courses, paired with my research and good LOR I can get into an ok program.

    Any comments or concerns are appreciated! I love economics and I really want to spend my life doing this stuff so please let me know if I have chance out here <3

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    Re: Do I have a chance at PhD programs?

    Assuming your math grades improve and that you do well in your master's courses, you can get into a PhD program. You might want to look at placements at schools at which you think you are competitive (ask your research advisor to suggest 2 or 3) and see if those placements give you the kind of career you're interested in.

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