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Thread: Profile Evaluation - Bad Grades & One Top Field Publication

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    Lightbulb Profile Evaluation - Bad Grades & One Top Field Publication

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    Hi everybody, I'm planning to purse a PhD in Economics.

    My profile is as follows:


    Undergraduate degree from a low ranked non-US university:
    I topped my undergraduate class with the highest overall grade.


    MA at top 50 worldwide non-US university :

    Advanced Macroeconomics : C-
    International Economics : B-
    Mathematical Economics : B
    Microeconomics : B
    Advanced Microeconomics : A-
    Econometric Analysis : A-
    Macroeconomics : A
    Applied Econometrics : A

    **Clearly, never got an A+ which is the highest grade possible.


    General GRE Quant percentile : 93%

    GRE math subject percentile : 83% (NOT the general GRE)


    Five years of experience in non-academic economic research.


    One solo pub at a top 30 journal (top field)


    Since my MA is not fresh and was based on coursework I can't get LORs from my grad school. (Honestly, when I did it I was determined that this will be my last academic degree so didn't care too much).

    However, I can get great LORs from my current employer and from my undergraduate school.

    I want to apply to PhD programs reasonably:

    Based on my profile which PhD programs are:

    A) Too-high-but-worth-a-shot targets
    B) Reasonable targets
    C) Safe targets

    Thank you

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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Bad Grades & One Top Field Publication

    Apply to programs that put enough weight on the journal quality of your existing publication to compensate for the bad grades. That might mean ruling out at least the Top20/Top30 programs. European programs may be worth trying (the usual names). I'd also recommend you apply to our program at Tilburg University.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Bad Grades & One Top Field Publication

    Are you sure you can't give someone from your grad program your transcript and SOP and ask them to write a strong letter for you? If you talk with someone from the grad program at reasonable length you should be able to perhaps get at least one letter from that institution? It might look a little strange otherwise. It's never too late to reconnect, particularly with your generally strong grades.

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