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Thread: Profile Evaluation for 2021 and concerns about LOR

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    Profile Evaluation for 2021 and concerns about LOR

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    Hi! I am looking for profile evaluation and some advices on LORs. Thank you so much!
    Type of Undergrad: B.S. (Honors) Mathematics and Economics from the top 15 in US
    Undergrad GPA: 4.0 (My school doesn't have A+)
    Type of Grad : N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: Q170 ,V157, AWA4.0
    Math Courses Undergrad: Linear Algebra (A), Calculus I-III (A), Analysis I-II (A), Abstract Algebra I-II (A), Logic (A), Linear Optimization (A), Topology (A), Complex Analysis (A)
    Math Courses Grad: Differentiable Manifolds (A), ODE (A), Two semesters of Ph.D. analysis sequence (both A), Measure-theoretic probability (A), Stochastic analysis (IP), Modern discrete probability (IP)
    Econ Courses Undergrad: Intro to micro and macro (A), Intermediate micro (A), Intermediate macro (A), Econometrics (A), Game Theory (A), IO (A), Growth theory (A), Independent research (A), Honors thesis (IP)
    Econ Courses Grad : Two semesters of Ph.D. micro sequence (both A), First semester of Ph.D. macro sequence (IP), Advanced micro theory (IP)
    Other courses: Two programming classes in Java and Matlab
    Letters of Recommendation:

    • Math Professor whom I did research with (Very strong - the best student he has ever had for 20 years)
    • Assistant Professor from intermediate macro and growth theory classes (Strong)
    • Well-known professor in micro sequence whom I did research with over the past summer (Strong)
    • Well-known professor in micro sequence and advanced micro who is my thesis advisor now (Strong/Weak: Depending on my thesis)

    Research Experience:
    • Two years of math research in dynamical systems with the first LOR writer (1 working paper & 1 in-progress)
    • Math REU at U.Chicago over the past summer about optimal stopping time
    • One semester of independent research class on matching theory
    • Research on games in contracts with the third LOR writer over the past summer
    • Honors thesis with the fourth LOR writer (I started it pretty lately)

    Teaching Experience: TA for analysis, combinatorics, and stochastic process classes
    Research Interests: Microeconomic theory (Game Theory, Information economics)
    Other information: IMO silver medalist for three years and Putnam top 50 for three years.
    • Lack of publication (only have working paper and work in progress)
    • The most thing I'm concerned about is my fourth LOR writer. I feel like he does not know me much even though I got a very good score in his Ph.D. micro class and went to office hours talking about his paper for several times. So I decide to do an undergrad thesis with him to show my potential. It ends up that he does not have much time to talk with me. When I asked him about the LOR, he told me that "he is going to write only what he knows about me." I feel like this is a really bad sign if my thesis doesn't turn out to be great. I am thinking that I will not send my fourth LOR, but is it a bad signal if I do not send the LOR from my thesis advisor?

    I guess what I can do right now is to work hard on my thesis. What programs I should aim for? Am I competitive for top 10 or top 20 programs? Thanks for your advices in advance!

    P.S: Since I am not a native speaker, sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation for 2021 and concerns about LOR

    You don't need four letters.
    You might be a candidate for all programs. Ask the econ professors who are writing you letters.

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