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Thread: Building a grad school portfolio

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    Building a grad school portfolio

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    Hey all, I am currently a junior at a moderate level United States research school. I am studying math with a minor in economics, will have far more classes than required but am avoiding the business school pre-reqs of a double major. I am trying to start formulating a plan for how to boost my application to graduate school or pre grad school programs next fall. Here are my current school stats and relevant experience.

    GPA: 4.0 (80 credit hours)
    Relevant Courses: econometrics, intermediate micro/macro (planned), law and economics, natural resource economics. Calc 1-3, Intro diff eq, Linear Algebra, probability, stats (planned), advanced cal(planned).
    Relevant research experience: Working paper on terrorism that I will be a co-author on. Started undergraduate research on energy regulations in the US. From this and my classes, I already have rec letter writers.
    Relevant job experience: Currently interning in a think tank out of DC where I am working on terrorism, energy, and carbon tariffs.
    Programming: R, Stata, Python, SAS (somewhat)
    GRE: I plan to take the GRE next spring and additionally next summer, shooting for a 165 quant or higher.

    I am currently accepted into the math masters fast track, but we do not have an applied track, so I would prefer to drop this and focus on economics sooner, but do not know how that will hurt my applications?

    I am wanting to go to graduate school somewhere that has energy and environmental economics as a top option, with preferably some decent connections in the public policy, government sector. Any advice on schools I should be looking at or things to do to boost my application are greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Building a grad school portfolio

    You're off to a pretty good start! Be sure to include a real analysis course.

    After you've been with the think tank for a while, consider advice and a letter from there as well, assuming you're working closely with an economist.

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