In 2021, I'm finishing my MRes in some European schools.

The thing is that I'm not so sure about doing a Ph.D. now.
I want to do more courseworks that prepare me to do research in micro theory.

For example, now most of my classes are reading papers.
It is nice to have some paper reading sessions to get some ideas about research.
However, I think I don't learn much by just skimming through them.
(I have to read at least 6 papers per week!!)

I'm thinking to do one year more coursework.
So, if the school allows me to go directly 2nd year MRes it would be nice.
Otherwise, Ph.D. program that allows me to take some classes is also fine.

Does anyone know some info about this kind of program in Europe?
I am thinking about Toulouse M2 or Bonnůbut I'm not sure about the exact situation...
Just considering that they might have many people doing applied micro theory...
Thank you.