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Thread: Masters Programs Recommendations

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    Masters Programs Recommendations

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    I am planning on applying for a PhD eventually, but I want to hedge my bets and apply to MA programs too. My math background is strong (4.0 applied math major), but I am missing some classes like Real Analysis, Calc IV, and other advanced, proof-based courses.

    I would absolutely prefer an MA in economics because stats/pure math does not interest me that much. Right now I plan on applying to Columbia, NYU, and Wisconsin's terminal MA programs. Do you have any other recommendations that could strengthen my PhD application?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Masters Programs Recommendations

    As far as I know NYU particularly is not a good programme if you're seeking to apply for PhD. It is more designed towards application rather than theory. I don't know what your target school is but a lot of students who wants PhD after finishing up NYU goes to top 50ish schools. Of course this is not a fact but I have looked up a lot of students since I also have considered applying to that programme.

    That being said Columbia's MA programme I believe is slightly better. However, the tuition cost is not a joke (it was around 80k tuition alone last time I checked). Although I must say that both of the schools actually let their MA students to take PhD level coursework so if you feel like you're up for that challenge, you may use that option and strengthen your application quite a bit by taking Micro sequence in either one of the schools.

    I don't have much knowledge about Wisconsin's MA programme but I heard from someone that it is a good path if you want to continue your PhD studies in Wisconsin.

    I hope this helps.

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