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Thread: Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

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    Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

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    Type of Undergrad: BA Double Major Economics and Mathematics, private school ranked 50-100, nothing special.
    Undergrad GPA: 4.0
    Math Courses: calculus 1-3 (A), linear algebra (A), intro stats (A), discrete math (A), real analysis (A), complex analysis (A), applied combinatorics (A), math modeling/analysis (A), intro software development (A), intro data science (A), abstract algebra (A), theory of probability (A), statistical methods (A)
    Undergrad Econ Courses: intermediate micro/macro (A), int'l currency markets (A), behavioral economics (A), sports economics (A), growth & development (A), econometrics (A)
    Grad Econ Courses:
    graduate micro (A), graduate macro (A)
    Letters of Recommendation: two strong letters from respected econ professors at current program who can speak to research I've done in their classes, one very strong letter from chair of math department
    Teaching Experience: TA for Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Intro Stats, and Theory of Probability (3 full semesters)
    Research Experience: $3,500 research grant -- used for data for my Undergraduate Thesis. 2 other excellent econ papers that I've written for class. Worked at the CEA as a intern, assisting economists with their research
    Research Interests: Development, Health, Energy/Environmental
    SOP: Very well written. Mentions my specific research interests and professors for each school. Also includes a possible research proposal for my dissertation.
    Other: Skilled in Python, R, Matlab, LaTex, and Eviews. Provided link to my GitHub account with evidence of work in each.

    I am applying to 16 PhD programs and 2 masters programs (LSE and Paris). Half of the PhD programs are top 20, the other half are 20-50. What are my chances? I am extremely worried and am considering applying to more safe schools. Thoughts?

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    Re: Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation

    I am a current applicant. Your profile seems strong, but especially this year where COVID might limit the number of offers schools make it might be smart to apply to a few more programs in the 40s/50s or below. Of course, only do so for programs you'd actually be happy to attend -- no point in applying to a "safety" if you wouldn't actually want to go there!

    You don't post a GRE score -- I know they're optional at many schools this year but if possible it'd probably be good to take it, do well, and submit. I also come from a small and not highly ranked LA school, and my professors said my top GRE Q score would serve as a nice confirmation that my grades from undergrad were earned. Open question as to whether that's true, as the GRE is usually just used as a cutoff tool, but it couldn't hurt.

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