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Thread: Economics PhD Europe

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    Question Economics PhD Europe

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    Hey everyone, hope you all are good and not sweating too much.
    Can anybody let me know how the 'early admissions' process works in Europe, specially Germany and Austria?

    If I apply early, would I have to accept early as well? because nothing is mentioned on the website about that. Only thing they have said explicitly is that candidates who are rejected in the early round will be considered for admission later.

    I am also applying to the US and it sounds risky if I have to give up my position here, in case I am selected.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Economics PhD Europe

    Usually they will pick the most favorited candidate for the first round admission, then see how many accepted the offer and release the second round.

    So if you apply early and receive offer in the first round, you indeed need to decide early as well.

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