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Thread: Summer Research Internships.

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    Summer Research Internships.

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    Hello everyone, I'm a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics in a small state college. I was wondering is there any summer research internships available that you know. I'm applying to MIT Science research program, but that is very competitive. It'd be great if anyone suggest me some research internships that I can apply for summer 2021.

    Accomplished courses: Intermediate Micro and Macro, Econometrics, Development economics, Environmental Economics, Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra 1-2, Abstract Algebra, Differential equations.
    GPA: 3.87 (both major), 3.90 (overall)
    Experience: 1 paper in EEA conference as a co-author, peer tutor and teaching assistant.

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    Re: Summer Research Internships.

    Check out the Federal Reserve banks

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