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Thread: Msc Economics (LSE vs UCL vs Cambridge)

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    Msc Economics (LSE vs UCL vs Cambridge)

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    I'd like to know your thoughts on how these programs rank in terms of international reputation as well as PhD preparation. Yes, I've done some prior research on this topic, but most answers were from more than 4 years back. If you, or someone you know, attended one of these programs, I'd love to know your experience. Personally, I'm a micro-guy, so I'm leaning towards UCL, but how much do the names of LSE/Cam stack against UCLs favour?

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    Re: Msc Economics (LSE vs UCL vs Cambridge)

    My opinion doesn't count for much but if you're interested in Micro go to UCL. It's easier to stay there for a PhD for you do your MSc there. With a strong grade from UCL + good letters etc. I can imagine you'd get into a good predoc and could place well if you decide not to go to UCL.

    Otherwise, I think that LSE is the best overall.

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