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Thread: Dropping Courses Mentioned in SOP

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    Dropping Courses Mentioned in SOP

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    I was formally accepted to a PhD program I am really excited about. In my SOP I stated that I would be taking some “proof-based courses this spring”, but I’d like to drop them. I didn’t mention it on a course list or anywhere else, let alone what courses they are — just one sentence in my SOP. Do you think I could drop the courses? Do you think they’ll be checking?

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    Re: Dropping Courses Mentioned in SOP

    I don't think they would be so strictly checking that.

    If your profile wasn't strong enough in the first place, you would not get accepted anyway. Promising to take a proof based course may actually increase your chances of acceptance but it will be extremely discounted due to you not having grades on them. So, I think that should not be a deal-breaker. But it is just my opinion - I am no expert.

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    Re: Dropping Courses Mentioned in SOP

    There are really two issues:

    (1) Taking some proof-based courses before grad school really helps in the first year. (If you've already had a number, then a couple more likely don't matter.)
    (2) It's best to be straight with your program. Email and tell them what you're thinking of doing and why. They probably won't care. If they do care, then maybe they're telling you that you really need the courses.

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