Type of Undergrad: Ag Econ, Top 3 University in an Asian country
Undergrad GPA: 3.8/4.0 scaled by WES
Type of Grad: MA Ag(Applied) Econ, Same University as Undergrad
Grad GPA: In progress, all A/A+ until 2nd semester
GRE: V157/Q170/AW3.0
TOEFL : Not Yet
Math Courses (Undergrad) : Calculus I,II (B+/A+), Linear Algebra I,II (A/A), Real Analysis I,II (B/A)
Stat Courses (Undergrad) :
Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A)
Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro (A+) Macro (A+) Applied Econometrics I,II (A+/A+), Trade (A+), Food Policy (A)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Micro (A+), Macro (A), Applied Econometrics (A), Time Series (A+), International Finance (A+), International Trade (A+), Resource Econ (A+), Food Consumer Econ (A+), Food Marketing (A+), Public Econ (A+), Math for Econ (A), etc.
Other Courses: Futures and Options (B+) in Undergrad Business Dept
Letters of Recommendation (Expected) : Faculties from my Dept (Some are PhD Econ, others are PhD Ag econ, all got their PhD in US)
Research Experience: Undergrad Thesis, Masters Thesis (Expected)
Teaching Experience: TA for Undergrad Macro and Econometrics
Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Development, Trade
SOP: Not Yet
Concerns: I am not sure how the Econ Dept committees would consider Ag Econ BA and MA / B in Real Analysis / Low GRE AW score / Not noticeable research experience
Other: N/A
Applying to (Expected): Top 30-50 Econ PhD Programs

Hi guys.
I am planning to apply for PhD Econ in the following season. Although still some info are (such as TOEFL) not decided yet, I want to get some advice about my aim based on my current situation that I posted. Applying for Ag Econ PhD can be considered as well, but it seems that getting in top 3~5 Ag Econ programs are not much easier than top 50 Econ.

I appreciate for your advice in advance. Thank you.