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Thread: Negotiating offers

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    Negotiating offers

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    Hi. Is it common to negotiate offers? If yes, how should I go about it?

    I believe the offer that my top choice school has given me will not be enough to sustain myself. I have an offer which is 7000$ higher than what my top choice program is giving me. Is there any way I can talk to these guys? Any polite way of doing this? I would love to attend the program but I don't think I have the funds to sustain myself.

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    Re: Negotiating offers

    From my past experience, it seemed like all of my negotiations and extra offers took place over zoom. If you want to at least start up the negotiations, I would recommend asking for a video call and discussing there. It was easier for me because I was offered a call instead of seeking one out. Once we started having a natural conversation, I was asked about my competing offers (which didn't have a higher stipend) and it seems like that's when negotiation would have started.

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    Re: Negotiating offers

    You can generally just candidly tell the program your competing offer and say it would really help you out if they could increase your stipend. Just be polite and email the appropriate person (usually a graduate advisor or the graduate program chair). No need to dance around this - negotiation occurs regularly, and most departments have policies built to deal with it. usually the worst that happens is they say no, and the best that happens is they actually give you what you ask for.

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