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Thread: Profile Eval and Recommendations: Econ Masters After Business Undergrad

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    Question Profile Eval and Recommendations: Econ Masters After Business Undergrad

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    Hello, everyone! I am a business grad hoping to get into Economics. I've always been passionate about the subject and research but I was unable to pursue it because of financial problems. I'm hoping to find my way back to it now.

    Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA), with a major in Finance and minor in Economics. Top 5 University in South Asian country but not significant ranking/well-known internationally
    Undergrad GPA: 3.79/4.00
    GRE: 170Q, 166V, 6.0AWA
    Math Courses:
    • Mathematics for Decisions - A
    • Business Statistics - A
    • Quantitative Analysis - A

    Econ Courses:
    • Microeconomics - B+
    • Macroeconomics - B+
    • Econometrics - A
    • Public Finance - B+

    Other Courses: Most of my other courses are focused on finance, accounting, management, and marketing
    Research Experience: Negligible in terms of economics, was part-time RA for a professor for Human Resource Management.
    Work Experience: Joined PwC as an analyst last month. Work here involves primary research and market analysis as well as econometric modeling.
    A Levels: Economics (94%), Mathematics (98%), + 2 other subjects, also A*

    Yeah, definitely not the strongest of applications. I think my GPA and GRE scores offer some strength, but my coursework is not Econ-focused and I do not have research or teaching experience. Also, I can wrangle good LORs but they won't be from well-known economists :(
    Ideally, I want to get into an Econ Masters that supports students who have a non-Econ or non-quant background, such as the LSE 2-year or a Tilburg with a pre-Masters, or the Cambridge Advanced Diploma. Ultimately, I want to be able to do a PhD in a top 50 uni, so it's essential to get into at least a top 50/100 Master's where I can get research experience and a strong recommendation. Money, unfortunately, is still an issue which is why I am considering mainland Europe or Asia.
    I am willing to put in the work, even in a challenging program. I'm aiming to apply later this year, i.e. for the 2022 intake. Would appreciate any university suggestions and all recommendations!! It's taken some courage to post this so please be nice!!
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