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Thread: Odds of late April/early May waitslist movement?

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    Odds of late April/early May waitslist movement?

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    I was notified of a waitlist very close to 4/15 this year. I responded by thanking them, reiterating my strong interest, and asking if they had any idea of if/when they might send out more offers. They said they didn't know.

    I would think that most of the movement would have occurred on the first day or two after 4/15, but I'm being optimistic. Historically speaking, do I have any chance, or is it an implicit reject at this point?

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    Re: Odds of late April/early May waitslist movement?

    If you wrote this on the 16th or 17th, I would say that you had a sliver of a chance (there is some wiggle room and movement after the official deadline), but right now, the probability is zero.

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