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Thread: Profile Evaluation

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    Profile Evaluation

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    I finished undergrad quite recently, and am looking to get a sense of how strong my profile might be. I don't think I will do a PhD immediately, and I would strongly consider doing a predoc as well.

    Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics and Mathematics (joint major). Top 10 US News ranking.

    GPA: 3.92. Major GPA: 3.94
    GRE: Not taken yet

    P - Pass on Pass/Fail grading scale.

    Econ courses: Intro macro/micro (A/A); Advanced Micro (A); Intermediate Macro (A); Mathematical Game Theory (A); Trade and Development (A); Development Economics (P); Econometrics (P); Spatial Economics (P);

    Note: I got written commendations for both Development Economics and Econometrics that state I was among the top students in the class for both. Also would have gotten an A in Spatial Economics.

    Math courses: Calc III (A); Linear Algebra (A); Real Analysis I (A); Vector Analysis (A); Complexity Science (A); Stochastic Processes (A-); Intro to Probability and Statistics (A-).

    LOR's: (1) Asst Prof at Top 10 US News, 9 month part-time research and finished top of their class (2) Full-time summer RA for Asst Prof at Top 20 US News; (3) Unsure who to ask

    Research experience: Lots of RA jobs throughout undergrad.

    I realize I have some holes to fill (figuring out who would be my last rec letter, taking the GRE). Still, wondering whether people might have insights as to what kinds of schools might be attainable with this baseline. Further, if anyone had any advice for things I should consider doing (for instance doing an RAship and take more math classes or something).

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    You say you have had lots of RA jobs, but you've chosen two junior faculty to write your letters? Letters from junior faculty aren't as compelling unless that person is a rising star, since junior faculty would've had a smaller sample size of past students to compare you against when judging your capabilities as a student producing research.
    You should definitely apply for a predoc and get letters from the senior faculty there. Alternatively, you can try to reach out to senior faculty over at your undergrad institution to see if there are any RA job openings; either as an established pre-doc programme, or just as a full-time RA for someone.

    You have sufficient math classes, as is. You should look at maybe taking PhD Micro I if that's possible.

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