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Thread: Undergrad Profile for Fall 2022

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    Undergrad Profile for Fall 2022

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    I've been looking for some advice regarding my current profile as I prepare for PhD applications. I'm planning to apply for Fall 2022 admissions. My goal is to narrow down or add to (if necessary) the schools I'll be applying to. Thank you for your feedback in advance.

    B.S. Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Utah State University
    3.70/4.00Econ Courses: Principles of Micro (A), Principles of Macro (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics (A), Applied Econometrics (A).
    Math Courses:
    Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A-), Calculus III (currently enrolled, but I have an A- which could change to an A), Linear Algebra (A-). I'm taking Differential Equations and Probability Theory in the fall. Additionally, I'm taking Foundations of Analysis and Mathematical Statistics in the spring.
    Will take in the fall.
    LOR's: one from my Applied Econometrics professor, not a well-known professor. One from my Development Economics professor who I've done research for and bounced ideas off of, graduate of Yale. Also, not famous. One from my Mathematical Economics professor who can attest to my mathematical ability and research ideas. He's also not well-known. There really aren't many popular economists at Utah State University.

    Research Experience: Worked on application of Malthusian model to colonial Haiti. Additionally, I used Bayesian econometrics in an effort to predict stock market returns.

    Research Interests: Labor, Development, Macroeconomics, and Economic History (only at some universities because many don't offer this emphasis).

    Planning to apply to:
    University of Illinois
    University of Notre Dame
    Purdue University
    Texas A&M University
    University of Colorado Boulder
    University of Arizona
    University of California - Irvine
    University of Oregon
    University of Kansas
    Vanderbilt University

    Concerns: My GPA is nothing stellar. I attended a community college two years prior to attending Utah State where my GPA was 3.33/4.00. My Utah State GPA on the other hand is 3.95/4.00. Additionally, I have four W's on my transcript from dropped courses. I dropped Linear Algebra, Calc II, Differential Equations, and a history general. I dropped Linear Algebra and Calc II because my wife was very sick during the start of her pregnancy and I needed to be more available. I ended up taking both in a later semester and received an A- in both. I dropped Differential Equations and my history class this summer because I found I overloaded myself with the birth of my daughter. However, I plan to take Differential Equations this fall and the history class again in the spring. None of the research I've contributed to has been published. I also feel like I have weak research experience as a whole. However, I have spent the last six months as a data analyst for the company I work for (not sure if this adds to my profile). I'm also concerned about the classes I'm taking in the fall and spring not being on my transcript given the application deadline for some of the schools I have in mind is prior to the end of the fall semester. I might be overthinking this given schools can admit you provisionally.

    Thank you so much for reviewing my profile. I look forward to your advice.
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