I am applying to programs in fall '22, with a range of target options (a few in top 10, a few in top 50, a few in top 150). My math background is weak. I work full-time so am trying to come up with an efficient plan that maximizes my chances for admissions.

Math that I have:
Calc 1 - AP
Honors Calc 2 - B
Linear Algebra - currently taking at Georgia State (likely A)
Business stats - A
Stats in public policy grad school - B
Econometrics in public policy grad school - A

Options that I am considering:

1. Take courses locally (mostly Georgia State University)
Fall '21: Multivariable Calculus
Spr '22: Stats 1 (in Math Dept), Differential Equations
Sum ' 22: Stats 2 (in Math Dept)
Fall '22: Linear Algebra with Real Analysis I - 23A (online at Harvard Extension)

2. Take courses online via Harvard Extension
Fall '21: Multivariable calculus - 21A
Spr '22: Mathematics for computation and data science - 23C
Sum ' 22: Linear Algebra with Real Analysis I - 23A
Fall '22: Mathematical Statistics 156 AND Differential Equations 21C

Would love any advice. And open to other ideas too! Thanks in advance.