I am doing a degree in economics and applied maths and took a total of 14 maths and stats courses. Out of those all except for 4 are As (As in many proof based courses like functional analysis, ODEs, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis). I have Cs in PDEs, Bayesian Inference, Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Simulation. Three of those were because of poor health during prep and exams and I missed the deadline to apply for a resit. I m definitely going to retake PDEs and stochastic processes wherever I do my pre-doc/just any uni close to me that offers the course because I know that those courses are important. Do I need to retake the bayesian and stochastic simulation courses as well? I honestly can't be bothered to do it. Also what do you think about my overall profile in terms of maths prep? I have strong As in all my Econ courses.

Thank you