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Thread: Profile Evaluation: Phd In Business/Managerial Economics ? MS Public Policy

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    Question Profile Evaluation: Phd In Business/Managerial Economics ? MS Public Policy

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    Phd Business Economics Evaluation ( Planning to Apply Fall 2021):

    GRE: 329 (Q: 167, V: 162) Should I retake GRE, because of quant?? ( Pretty sure I made some random silly mistake)

    TOEFL: Reading : 29; Listening: 28; Speaking & writing: Yet to get scores.
    Undergrad: NIT Durgapur'2017 , India( Chemical Engineering)- 8.20/10
    Grad: IIM Indore'2019 , India(-MBA ( 3.38/4.33, Top 10% out of 540 students)

    Research Experience:

    1. IIM Indore: Microeconomics - Course of Independent Study Project- Given Presentation to Economics Department ( Awarded a credit ). Was working on the paper but it is still incomplete not sure if it is going to be completed before I apply.
    2. IIM Indore: Live Project ( Cost Analysis) with Idea Cellular (before the merger of Idea & Vodafone) -Worked in a group although- Term Paper submitted
    3. NIT Durgapur: Not relevant to econ research. Have a paper published (co-authored) in chemical Engineering in Springer ( impact factor 1.47) and a chapter (co-authored) in a book.4.NIT Durgapur: Final year Thesis (Chemical Engg) (In a group)

    Work experience: Deutsche Bank ( almost 2yrs) - Corporate Banking Analyst


    1. Microeconomics Professor -IIM Indore under whose supervision I completed the Microeconomics project
    2. Macroeconomics Professor- IIM Indore- Who took courses
    3. Macroeconomics Professor - IIM Indore - Who took courses

    Concerns: My first concern is the GRE Quant score which I know isn't good enough .

    I know my profile is lacking in the following: RA ships, Not enough math/econ courses. I am planning to take up online econ/math courses ( real analysis, measure theory) and R/ Stata courses as well.

    Kindly suggest some schools I should apply to for PhD in business economics/ managerial economics / MS in Public Policy?

    Also, should I consider retaking GRE because of my low quant score?

    Relevant Courses & Grades:

    • Mathematics I :Functions of Single Variable,Functions of several variables,Integral Calculus, Multiple Integral, Vector Calculus, A (9/10)
    • Mathematics II: Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Fourier series,Laplace and Fourier Transforms,Probability A (9/10)
    • Mathematics III:Partial Differential Equations (PDE),Numerical Method,Complex Analysis,Optimization: (LPP)A (9/10)
    • Advanced Numerical Analysis: Eigen Values A(9/10)
    • Probability & Statistics A (3.783/4.33)
    • Microeconomics Introductory Microeconomics Course A (3.867/4.33)
    • Macroeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics Course A (3.917/4.33)
    • Economics of Strategic Interactions Market Structures and Organization A ( 4.1/4.33)
    • Macroeconomics of Developing economies: Growth Models ( Solow etc)A ( 4.1/4.33)
    • Financial Markets & Central Banking, Monetary Theory & Policy B+(3.433/4.33)
    • International Finance/ Economics B (3.1/4.33)

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: Phd In Business/Managerial Economics ? MS Public Policy


    Any feedback would be really helpful? I am really confused if I should re-take GRE or not ( given my profile).
    Thanks in advance!

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