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Thread: Toefl question

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    Toefl question

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    I'm a master's student in economics in Brazil and I intend to apply for some PhD programs in economics this year. I did TOEFL and GRE. On the GRE my grades were good, I got 170 in the quant, 163 in the verbal, and 4.5 in the Analytical writing. However, on the TOEFL, I had a problem in the writing (I got 19, I think my arguments in the independent text were contradictory), but I did pretty good in the other parts (30 in the reading and listening and 24 in the speaking). So, my overall was 103, which is above the 100 that the greatest universities generally require. Moreover, I am only intending to apply for universities in which the TOEFL requirement is an overall score (like Berkeley that the minimum requirement is 90, Columbia that the minimum requirement is 100 or UCSD that the minimum requirement is 80). Do you think that I need to retake the TOEFL just because of my grade in the writing? I would not like to take it again because it is an extremely expensive exam here in Brazil and it's extremely stressful.

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    Re: Toefl question

    Don't take.

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