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Thread: Urgent: Honest Profile Advice for Fall-2022 Cycle

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    Urgent: Honest Profile Advice for Fall-2022 Cycle

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    Undergraduate - Top 85 US in Economics & Finance
    Field : Major in Economics with Minor in Mathematics
    Undergraduate G.P.A - 3.91/4.00; Econ G.P.A. (4.00/4.00); Math G.P.A - (3.85/4.00)
    Economics courses (Undergrad) : Principles of Micro (A+), Principles of Macro (A+), Intermediate Micro (A+), Intermediate Macro (A), Public sector Economics(A), Environmental Econ (A+), Mathematical Economics (A+), Econometrics (A), Game Theory (A+), Mathematical Economics (A), International Trade (A), Industrial Organization (A+), International Finance (A+).
    Mathematics Courses (Undergrad): Calculus-I(A-), Calculus- II(A), Multivariable Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A+), Theoretical Concepts of Calculus (A), Abstract Algebra(A), Differential Equations (B+), Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A-), Complex Variables (A)
    Graduate(completed this Fall-2021) - Phd-stream M.A.in Econ at Top-4 Canadian School (3.90/4.00 gpa)
    Graduate Courses (all Phd-level courses) : Mathematical Economics (84/100), Econometrics-I (94/100), Macro-theory-I (86/10), Micro-theory-I (90/100), Econometrics-II (85/100), Micro-theory-II (84/100), Advanced Research (90/100), Macro-theory-II (83/100)
    GRE: 168 Q 165 V 4.0 AWA ( will retake if necessary)
    LORS : Profs from graduate metrics class (Penn-state), graduate micro (Brown) and grad research course (Virginia)They know me well from their courses.
    Applying to : US TOP (25-50), Canada - Top 3 Phd and some back up ( McMaster, Mcgill, York)
    Research/Teaching : I have been teaching (mathematics and statistics to business students) in my home country since undergraduate.Worked on data analysis with a research institute..Was TA for Undergrad Micro and Macro at my MA institution.
    Concerns : There was a considerable gap between my Undergrad and MA (about 7 years).The work I did back home didn't entail much of research experience.Also, don't have perfect gpa at phd level courses.
    Looking for : Absolutely hardcore honest opinion where I have a chance, given the tough adcom cycles and my choppy profile and lack of research.
    Thanks so much to all of you
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