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Thread: Possibilities For Realization After Average Phd In The Usa

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    Question Possibilities For Realization After Average Phd In The Usa

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    Can you consider the possibilities for realization after average PhD program in the USA? Is it easy to stay there without green card after graduation? How?

    What is the expected income from universities like these:



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    I'm not sure if I said it in these terms in the other thread, but I don't think MSU would qualify as an average PhD program in the US. The department seems almost exclusively focused on finance, and the DBA grads seem to place much better than their PhD grads, which would suggest to me that they're much better known on the business side of things than for economics.

    That said, I do think that prospects for foreign citizens are about the same as those for US PhDs, holding other factors (including, say, English proficiency) constant. Others may be better able to address this, but I don't think that being a foreign citizen acts as a significant barrier to job placement out of a PhD program.

    I'm not sure if you really have your heart set on ending up in the US, but I really don't think that MSU is the way to go. You could, as someone in the other thread suggested, look to get your MA from CERGE and apply again. You should be able to do much better than MSU, which isn't anywhere near even the top 100 programs in the US.

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