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Thread: withdrawing a course

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    withdrawing a course

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    I am a undergrad senior who is going to apply for econ ph.d programs soon.
    Now I am taking Micro and Macro core courses for grad students.
    Micro is going well but Macro is not so good.
    I assume that I will get B- or below that for Macro.
    In this case, is that a better choice to withdraw this course and focus on Micro? And if I do so, how bad is it(withdrawing Macro)?(How does that affect decision on admission?) Do you think 'not reporting this semester's grades' is the best option even though I do well on other courses?

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    As long as you get a B on grad level economics whilst you are an undergrad, I think that you are fine...

    But what about courses in progress? How are they viewed on an application?

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